Ab Initio Archives Research, LLC

Ab Initio Archives Research Services, LLC is a full-service historical research firm serving commercial, legal, academic, editorial and private clients with the primary-source documentary needs. I can perform research in records of all media types, including documents, maps, charts, architectural drawings, still photos and illustrations, newspaper articles, motion picture film, aerial photos and electronic databases. Once found, records can be scanned or photocopied on paper, depending on the client's requirements. In researching environments where copying is not allowed, I will arrange with the institution in question to make copies for the client. I am available for research both domestically throughout the United States and internationally.

Our research is designed to fulfill the following types of client needs:

Legal Support Services

  • Specific documentary evidence of relevant facts for law firms to support litigation on behalf of clients pursuing a claim related to PTSD, land ownership, Nazi assets, asbestos or Native American rights.
  • Research support for potential litigants hoping to initiate such action themselves.

Environmental remediation support

  • Information gathering for environment research firms, law firms or federal agencies in support of environmental remediation litigation.
  • Experience using federal, state and local archives to find evidence related to land use history, site contamination, formerly-used defense sites, water rights or potentially-responsible (PRPs). Past projects have ranged from the use of toxic chemicals by military contractors in World War II to 19th-century river navigability studies in the western states.

Academic/publication support

  • Primary-source historical evidence to support of flesh out a book, report, PhD thesis or article.
  • Primary-source historial materials to reproduce as visuals for a documentary, film, book, magazine or website. 
  • Subject-area specialties cover all civilian and military records, but with a particular focus on diplomatic (State Department and US Foreign Service), intelligence and propaganda, military (army, navy and marines; action and intelligence reports, general orders, etc.) and capture German records (particularly German Foreign Office). ​​

Editorial Support

  • Reports on research findings.
  • Magazine and newspaper articles.
  • Brochures and pamphlets.
  • Web and exhibit content.
  • Image captioning.
  • Interpretative signage for heritage tourism.
  • Copy-editing and fact-checking.

Translation services

  • Translating German- and French-language documents into English.

A full-service historical research firm

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